Corporate Functions

With a main meeting room and several break-away rooms, WaterStone Estate & Farms is the perfect setting for Corporate retreats, office parties, team building, and business meetings. Located in York Region, near Newmarket, this beautiful, serene setting is accessible from all highways in the Greater Toronto area. There is plenty of free parking on-site.


Knowing Your Herd Bring your team to the country for a day. Discover how working with horses and the natural wisdom of the herd provides the opportunity to maximize your company’s effectiveness by enhancing LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, and TEAMBUILDING SKILLS. Knowing Your Herd incorporates a variety of equine assisted learning methods in order to customize a program that meets the needs of your group. Your team will have fun, spend the day in a beautiful country setting, and learn about themselves and others while learning how to communicate with horses. One and Two Day Workshops are available and include Continental Breakfast and Hot Buffet Lunch.


Team Building

Member Roles & Responsibilities, Objective Setting, Authentic Community, Dynamics of Personal Style Differences



What You’re Saying and What’s Being Heard, Active Listening, Non-Verbal Communication, Creating an Effective Communication Cycle



Building Trust, Creating a Healthy Herd, Finding Your True Leadership Abilities


Goal Setting

Recognizing Personal Goals, Recognizing Team Goals, Combining Personal and Team Goals, Attaining Personal and Team Goals

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